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What is an Visitor Visa?

Visitor Visa is a single-entry visa valid for 30-day stay in Indonesia with the purpose of Tourism, Government visits, Business Meetings, Goods Purchasing, or Transit only.

Visitor Visa is an alternative to visas issued electronically via Application, visa on arrival at the port of entry, and visa at Indonesian Embassy/Consulate.

Applicants obtain their Visitor Visa electronically after entering required information and making payments by a credit / debit card  (Mastercard, Visa, or JCB), Paypal, or Bitcoin.

The link to download your Visitor Visa is given on the final step, where you will be informed that your request has been completed successfully. In addition, the same link to download your Visitor Visa will be e-mailed to you.

Immigration officers at port of entry can verify your Visitor Visa on their system. However, you are advised to keep your Visitor Visa either as a soft copy (tablet PC, smartphone, etc.) or a hard copy if there is any failure on their system.

As in the case of other visas, the Immigration Officer at the entry ports reserves the right to deny access to Indonesia to an Visitor Visa holder without any explanation.

What do I need for Visitor Visa request?

Documents needed to prepare Visitor Visa request are:
a. Full biodata page of passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of your arrival
to Indonesia (format JPG/JPEG/PNG with max. size of 200 kb);
b. Passport size photograph (format JPG/JPEG/PNG with max. size of 200 kb);
c. Email address;
d. A valid Mastercard, Visa, or JCB credit / debit card.

Does having Visitor Visa guarantee entry to Indonesia?

Issuance of Visitor Visa does not guarantee entry to Indonesia. Visitor Visa simply indicates that the individual is eligible to seek entry for a specific purpose. The decision of entry remains the right of the respective Immigration Officer at the port of entry.

If I have already obtained the Visitor Visa, what should I do after arriving at the entry port?

Under Article 22 (1) b Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation Number 44 of 2015, foreigners who wish to enter Indonesia must hold a passport with an expiration date at least 6 (six) months from the date of arrival. You are advised to have the return ticket printed.

Immigration Officer reserves the right to ask for your return ticket at entry.

Do I need to enter Indonesia on the exact date specified in my request?

No. The validity period of your Visitor Visa begins from the date specified in your application. You can enter Indonesia on any date within this period.

Do I need to obtain a separate Visitor Visa for people accompanying me?

Yes. Each traveler must have a separate Visitor Visa.


If you overstay your visa, you might be asked to pay fines of IDR 1,000,000 per day, detained, deported, or banned future travel to Indonesia for a specific period.

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